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Born in Chicago, Salome began her love of art during her childhood influenced by her heritage of German, Peruvian and Guatemalan descent. This is apparent in her use of vibrant colors and dramatic brush strokes. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Salome pursued advertising and graphic design. Having taken art classes all her life, painting professionally is what she loves best. Salome has worked with various media and currently uses oils and acrylics. Her abstract artwork is inspired by European abstract expressionists as well as figurative artists like Marc Chagall, Adolph Gottlieb, Joan Muro and Pablo Picasso.


Being a native of Skokie, where there was a large Jewish population, her inspirations range from midrasha to everyday Jewish life in her synagogue and community. The spiritual aspect of her life is a significant influence in her art. Her subject matter is endless.


Salome’s artwork has appeared in art fairs around the Chicagoland area. She has participated in Amdur productions, such as the Lincolnshire and Buffalo Grove art fairs and the most recent, Ravinia Market Festival in Highland Park.  Salome continues to create vibrant art and is currently working on her new collections including wedding and birthday cards (coming soon!) all from her studio in Illinois.

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