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Hadassah Magazine

I was truly honored last month when Hadassah Magazine contacted me and asked me to utilize my piece "Women Dancing with the Torah" in their September issue. Merrill Silver, a writer for Hadassah Magazine wrote a moving story titled: Embracing Simhat Torah—Again; about a serendipitous visit to an aging synagogue that helped one woman recover the joy of the holiday. Merrill Silver did an incredible job writing this story. This is her true story as her mom passed away and she was never able to enjoy Simchat Torah until she had this experience in an aging synagogue where the Rabbi truly influenced her in a positive way.

The painting itself was a piece I was inspired to paint because I have seen so many paintings of men dancing with Torahs, but, never with women. I am a reform Jew and take much joy in the opportunities of reading from Torah in my synagogue. I don't judge anyone who believes otherwise. The story in the Hadassah Magazine also resonated with me as my mom passed away a year ago and the story brought me comfort as well. Here is a picture of the cover of the article with my painting of which I am so deeply honored that Hadassah chose to depict Merrill Silver's wonderful story. I would like to personally thank Zelda Shluker, Managing Editor of Hadassah Magazine for her encouragement and her kindness. A huge shout out to Hadassah Magazine for publishing this story and including my painting. If you want to read the story go to Hadassah Magazine website and look up Merrill Silver.

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