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A Special Thanks

I would like to thank each and every one of you that stopped by my booth at Ravinia on Israel Solidarity Day! This includes people I met for the first time (including some family), all of my friends, family and the wonderful people from Amdur Productions! The event was a huge success (4,600 people)! The music and festivities and especially the people made for a great event! I was truly so happy to show my artwork, both old and new. But it was made all the more special by your presence.

The show was a success for me as I sold several pieces! This was the first time Ravinia collaborated with Amdur to put on this fabulous show! I was honored to be among many talented Judaic artists who had different media such as ceramics, wood, jewelry and many more! Thank you for coming out to Ravinia for such a meaningful event as Israel Solidarity Day! I am hoping Ravinia does this again next year! Check out my blog and look out for more events coming soon!

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